Alice and the maze (playing with words)

I was little Alice

and you were the maze.

I tried to break in

 – wanted to get lost,

   never to be found.

There was no key

the maze was sound-proof



There was a bowl of icecream

for a ravenous child

 – a scrumptious sight for sore eyes.

You were the silver spoon

the table so tall

 – I was too small.

I could just break down and cry

out of anger and exhaustion.


You were a blue cool lake

so far away.

I tried to reach out to you

 – the harder I tried, the further you moved away.

Besides, I couldn’t swim, nor dive.


You spoke a language

I could not understand.

You were telling me stories

and you wouldn’t translate.

I was bored and fed up

 – needed to be entertained.

I cried out of sheer loneliness.

You just faded away.


You were the White Rabbit

I met you in the dark

I tried to catch up with you

You were running so fast

Always looking at your funny turnip pocket watch

 – never looking at me.

I tried to call you

but I had no voice

 – there and then you were gone.


You were the Mad Hatter

giving a tea party.

I was so thirsty

but you said it didn’t matter.

You said you were no judge

but there you were assessing me

dismissing me

shrugging me off

 – I was no good.

I would have cared for a cupcake.

You told me, child don’t bother

love is not easy game to play

not even in Wonderland

and lies are no currency

not even in Wonderland.

I cried out of guilt

loneliness and abandonment

 – more invisible than a pale ghost.


You were the Cheshire cat

whimsical look

quixotic smile

 – eyes wider and wilder than life.

I felt kinda obnoxious

but all the same besotted.

I read you a poem

you said, little girl, you’re just a child

you’ll never know better

and love is not easy game

not even in Wonderland.

I tore my notebook in pieces

and cried my eyes out.


You were the Queen of Hearts

 – frozen pale eyes, algid grin.

I bowed and sang you a song

trying so hard to please

you said, little girl, don’t bother

love is not easy game to play

not even in Wonderland

leave my kingdom of broken hearts

or else I’ll smash yours.

My feet were sore

My mind was numb

Nowhere to go.

I cried out of randomness,

a ragged bum.


We were sitting in the grass

and there was chilled wine.

My favorite word was “complicated”

yours were “never mind”.

You said, don’t drink little girl

 – it will not help you grow up

   nor older nor wiser.

I am sorry I have judged you

  – that’s just how it goes.

You were snotty and curious

you wanted to be beguiled.

Well that’s Wonderland for you

 – you were not invited

   and love is not easy game

   not even in Wonderland.

Take a sip and forget

 – take it from me, you’ll never come back.

I cried out of sheer rejection

 – was that my reflection

   in your iridescent eyes?


I am such a mess.


I was little Alice

and you were the maze.

The locket was empty

the moon was pale white

the pages were torn

the glass was half drunk

 – I was just so tired.

I wanted to get lost

 – so I sat there and waited and waited and waited

to find a way

to get into you.


Love is not easy game to play

not even in Wonderland

and moonlights

are heartaches in disguise.

3 responses to “Alice and the maze (playing with words)”

  1. l'ultima foto è emblematica. perchè a volte è tutto così complicato??


  2. ..forse perchè siamo noi in primis ad esserlo..


  3. Quanto ti do ragione Ophelinha 🙂 C, xoxo.


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