La vierge folle
You are passing by


You see her in her crystal cage                                                                                          


She is like a danseuse


In an old carillon


She smiles her crazy smile


She dances her wild dance


You have no choice but-


                you have to let her go.



People stop by


People laugh at her


Blissfully unaware


Dressed up in feathers and boas


With her Bahia hat


Made of mangoes and bananas


You have no choice but


                    you have to let her go.



You’d like to run away


You’d like to hide


Except you cannot move


You are mesmerised


With her perfect porcelain teeth


She eats her broken heart


Her once blue-skied eyes


Are now watery and pale


Her oh-so-milky skin


Is transparent as glass


Her once tangled golden maze


Is now fluffy ashes


You could break her


Except you cannot  -already done


You have no choice but –


             you have to let her go.  



You sucked her tender youth


You devoured her beauty


You wasted her soft skin


You stole magic dreams


With your net of lies


You destroyed her innocence


You corrupted her bones


You walked all over her heart


Wearing her 12-inches stilettos


Now there she is


Dancing like crazy


Singing like she did not even care


A poupette without feelings


In a sleepless, timeless crystal tower


A wooden princess in a cage


You, his minstrel


Her, your mistress – not your lady, beware


Not the sole queen of your heart.



Betrayal tore her apart


She threw away her crimson lips


She slept with her worst nightmares


Out of pure hate for you


You, who used to read her Lee Masters


“There is no marriage in heaven.


But there is love”.


What does she have now?


Her unrequited love


Smelling of bitter almonds


Her never-ending rage


Her crystal cage.


Now you cannot stop staring


She laughs and laughs and laughs


As is she did not care anymore



Ain’t  no choice my friend


–          you have to let her go.